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1. The new executive committee was elected in the 1st week of February, 2008. By 25th February, the annual JCM was successfully completed, i.e. within a short span of 3 weeks of assuming office.
A. The administration was impressed on the need to issue the annual general transfer orders in the month of March itself, so that there will be clarity and this will facilitate children schooling etc., which is a big issue on inter-station transfers. Accordingly, transfer orders were issued before March’08, which is the first such instance in AP
B. The administration was impressed on the need to remove the provision of compulsory inter-station transfers on longstanding basis. The erstwhile policy is successfully discontinued.


  The above two new policies are continuing in the 2009 JCM year also.
C. On our recommendation, a committee was constituted to recommend the ways and means for capturing the Service Registers in computers by scanning, or any other better method, with our ITEF Vice President as a member of the Committee. The committee is working out the technicalities.
D. Many infrastructural issues and welfare matters were addressed and successfully resolved.  
2. Due to various technical and legal problems, the promotions for the posts of ITOs and below cadres were stalled for more than one and half year, when we assumed charge. We have conducted tripartite meetings with the aggrieved parties, and with the administration; individually and combinedly. Without taking divisive stands, we adopted a fresh approach. Finally, a solution was worked out, with the positive approach of the administration. Accordingly, the consequential promotions in lower cadres were issued, even when the posts in the higher cadres have not yet fallen vacant. More than 200 such promotions were issued in a week. The highlight is that these promotions were issued on regular basis and not on adhoc basis.
3. Four officials – 3 in the cadre of Inspector and 1 in Group D have been suspended by one particular CIT. We have negotiated on this issue and also carried out an agitation program. The officials were subsequently reinstated.
4. When we assumed charge, the JCA was inactive. We immediately revitalized the JCA and brought the three groups B, C & D onto a common platform. Meetings were conducted in many mofussil stations through out Andhra Pradesh, with overwhelming response. We worked together and coordinated on many common issues. We can proudly state that, from a position of total distrust and inactiveness, we have now transformed the JCA into a fully functional and vibrant entity, bringing the entire state under one JCA umbrella.
5. The ITEF AP Circle has successfully carried out all the agitation programs called by the Central Headquarters in true spirit and strength. We hosted a meeting by Comrade Rajgopal and another meeting by Comrade Kutty also. Our members have also attended the National Conference at Mumbai.
6. For the first time in tax-India, a web site has been launched by ITEF AP Circle to disseminate all the relevant information to all its members. All promotion orders, transfer orders, circulars and other relevant information will be placed online immediately.
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