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Incometax Employees Federation (ITEF) is the recognised trade union for all the Group-C and Group D employees of tax-India. The founding convention was held on 10th Feb 1953 at Nagpur. From then, the ITEF has been in the forefront of all struggles undertaken on behalf of the employees, at the macro and micro levels. The ITEF had a pioneering role in addressing the genuine aspirations of the employees and working towards their emancipation.
The latest elections to the Circle Executive were held in the month of February 2008, in which the employees have given a resounding mandate to Com. D. Subba Reddy and his team. The newly formed executive has been making sincere efforts to uphold the lofty ideals of ‘transparency’ and ‘responsiveness’, on which the philosophy of the group is centred. In all the representations made to the administration, the periodic deliberations held, the struggles that were waged, the union has remained neutral and stuck to its principles of not showing any prejudice for any one side. This has resulted in eventual resolution of many long-pending issues like the promotion matters etc.
The ITEF is constituted of 28 Circles / Regions from all over the country, which are as under :
» Andhra Pradesh Circle, Gr. C, Hyderabad.
» Andhra Pradesh Circle, Gr. D, Hyderabad.
» Bengal Circle, Gr. C, Kolkata.
» Bengal Circle, Gr.D, Kolkata.
» Bihar Circle, Gr. C, Patna.
» Bihar Circle, Gr. D, Patna.
» Delhi Circle, Gr. C.
» Delhi Circle, Gr. D.
» Gujarat Circle, Ahmedabad.
» Karnataka Circle, Bangalore.
» Kerala Circle, Kochi.
» Madhya Pradesh Circle, Bhopal.
» Mumbai Circle, Gr. C.
» Mumbai Circle, Gr. D.
» North Eastern Circle, Guwahati.
» North Western Circle, Gr. C, Chandigarh.
» North Western Circle, Gr. D, Chandigarh.
» Orissa Circle, Bhubaneshwar.
» Pune Circle, Pune.
» Rajasthan Circle, Gr. C, Jaipur.
» Rajasthan Circle, Gr. D, Jaipur.
» Tamilnadu Circle. Chennai.
» Eastern UP Circle, Gr. C, Lucknow.
» Eastern UP Circle, Gr. D, Lucknow.
» Western UP Circle, Gr. C, Kanpur.
» Western UP Circle, Gr. D, Kanpur.
» Vidarbha Circle, Gr. C, Nagpur.
» Vidarbha Circle, Gr. D, Nagpur.
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